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Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

By Nav | 21 Mar 2018
A rejuvenated Goku stands proudly with his chest stuck out, the god of destruction Beerus confirms to everyone that Goku has now mastered Ultra Instinct. Goku is showing Ultra Instinct in its fullest form.

Jiren's Hidden Power

Jiren is battling Goku but with every move Jiren throws at Goku our hero is able to dodge. Jiren is looking like a beaten man; he cannot land a punch on Goku whilst Goku is destroying Jiren left, right, and centre.

A defeated Jiren will not give up, he sees Goku the same way as he sees the man who took the life of his village, his parents, his team, his squad! An angered Jiren is able to unlock the hidden power within and break his limits!

The two warriors are now evenly matched! Jiren is moving ahead of Goku, landing hit after hit, he has the upper hand. Jiren is able to judge that Goku's stamina is low and it is time to end this. Jiren strikes a combination of moves before striking the killer blow.

Goku rises to feet again, looking tired. Jiren questions Gokus resolve and reason to fight. A proud Goku responds to Jiren, informing Jiren he fights to save his friends, his family, because they all depend on him and they are his source... his reason. Jiren shouts he does not fight for friendship and fighting for friendship betrays his believes, he believes friends leave you behind as he has experienced this over the years.

With his new found piece of information, Jiren powers up and sends a blast towards Goku's friends to end their lives! Gokus response is quick, he uses the stamina he has left to block the shot and save his friends.

A tired Goku digs deep, his friends behind him, yelling with words of encouragement, all depending on Goku to save them. Goku is able to overpower Jiren, he is able to reach deep within and knock Jiren down.

Goodbye Goku

A defeated Jiren asks Goku to end the tournament now. The Saiyan respects Jiren request and powers up to end the fight.

Wait! Goku is down! The power of a god has taken its toll on Goku's body! Is this the end? Jiren rises, he acknowledges this is not the way he would like to win but this is a tournament and Goku has been a worthy opponent.

With a quick strike Goku is sent up into the air, surely this is over.

A motionless Goku falls from the sky, elimination is a whisker away. No, wait! Goku survives! How? We see a shot of Golden Freiza! Did Freiza save Goku? And who is this? Android 17 is alive!

Time is running out, a motionless Goku lays on a rock whilst Freiza and Android 17 stand side by side to take on Jiren.

Who will win? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Super.


This is a climactic ending to Dragon Ball Super as we approach the end, a great fight between Jiren and Goku sees the difference of attitude between the two warriors.

Then that all-important rise at the end added extra flavour.
I loved every moment of it, but I was left sad because of the realisation that Dragon Ball Super will be ending with episode 131.

Super has been an amazing season and is at the height of its popularity. It could only get stronger, but the Dragon Ball team have other focuses and we can only hope these other focuses branch into many more storylines. I cannot bear to say goodbye to the Dragon Ball franchise... again.

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