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Boruto Episode 10

By Nav | 23 Mar 2018
Boruto is on a rooftop. He and the gang are searching for the mysterious being that they have now branded as the Ghost. Boruto is happy that the name Ghost is taking off, as he had come up with the name.

A sense of frustration can be seen in Boruto's face -- his eye power is not activating. The gang have spent hours searching The Academy, in order to investigate.

You should go to school Boruto

Returning home, Boruto's mother halts him before he gets too far inside the house. Boruto is in trouble, as he has not been attending The Academy and his mother is aware. Why would Boruto skip school? His father, after all, is one of the top guys within The Academy, so he was bound to be caught.

At school, Boruto and the gang are being told off. The teachers think Boruto is misbehaving because he is craving attention from his father. So Boruto vanishes and regroups with the gang. They return to class where the teacher has a pleasant surprise for Boruto and gang. To aid their investigation, the teacher has allowed a work experience activity so the boys may work away from The Academy.

Work experience investigation

The boys decide to group together. Boruto is their leader and has mastered a plan. The best phase of action would be for the boys to work at the post office. At the post office?! Boruto sees how postmen deliver mail by foot and end up covering a lot of ground around the village. If an outbreak is to happen, then Boruto can detect it with his mysterious eye power and stop the threat before it ruins the village. Itís a clever plan.

As the boys set off to work, they cover the ground. They shadow Boruto every step of the way so that their teacher does not become suspicious. The teacher questions what Boruto is doing and the gang tells him to ignore Boruto. Boruto cannot locate any outbreaks, but he does locate his father; who is out opening a new building as part of his job.

Naruto spots Boruto and within a breath meets Boruto. Boruto is his usual self towards his father, as Naruto explains that this is part of his job. Naruto apologises to the postman if his son causes difficulties, but he says he is a good lad.
The postman, who is honoured to meet Naruto, is also shocked and excited that Naruto spoke to him. The honour and happiness can be seen on his face.

Meanwhile, the police have entered a crime scene on the other side of the city. Chakra has been depleted out of a body, and havoc has reigned strong amongst the park -- seeing how it's now in ruins! The detective is fully aware what this outbreak is.

The detective meets Naruto at The Academy and informs him about this outbreak. They are aware that this is connected to a banned experiment and so this experiment may be back up and running.

Naruto is not impressed.
They must investigate more and find out what the motive is.


A slow, but fulfilling episode. The gang get up to mischief, trying to solve the mystery of the Ghost.

This episode was necessary. It added to the foundation of who the mysterious Ghosts are, and which data is being obtained from chakra. It will keep the franchise going in the long run.

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