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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

By Nav | 24 Mar 2018
Goku had been rescued by Frieza! Only Jiren cannot understand why Freiza would rescue a man who cannot stand due to his elimination. Frieza as snappy as ever responds to Jiren informing the warrior of justice that Goku is an insurance policy.

Frieza dig's deeper, he informs Jiren that the warrior of justice does not have the power or presence he had against Goku, Frieza notes that Jiren has become weaker and that he is no better than Frieza or Android 17 combined.

With a flash, Jiren battles against Android 17 and Frieza, and a number of combinations fly as the warriors try to eliminate each other.

Jiren's Connection

After a series of blows, back and forth, Android 17 dives in, he grabs Jiren, surrounding Jiren in a green aura before exploding! 17 gets injured from the blast, and turns to Frieza and instructs him to finish the job.

Frieza approaches a defeated Jiren, he powers up his energy blast as Jiren hangs his head in shame. The tournament seems to be over until a vocal Toppo screams from the rafters and strikes a chord within Jiren.

Toppo addresses that Jiren is a lone warrior, he got to where he is by himself, but Toppo cannot watch Jiren be defeated without a fight! He carries his speech on about how Jiren may not see them as friends but the respect is there from Toppo.

A rejuvenated Jiren re-powers up! Something had struck Jiren and he has returned to his former powerful self.

With his new power, Jiren sends a blast towards Android 17 and Frieza, pushing both warriors back! The end looks near as Frieza is stripped of his Golden energy and Android 17 looks ever so tired.

Android 17 screams to Frieza to dig deeper, they are both pushing as hard as they can until a new force arrives to help them. It's Goku! Goku apologises for leaving everything to them, and with the little energy he has left, he will help the duo defeat Jiren.

The Final Push

A discussion with Frieza and a traditional, "don't forget your promise Goku" moment, Goku and Frieza work together to attack Jiren. Neither warrior is able to power up to their maximum form but the combinations of moves are beautiful as Android 17 supplies a series of blasts in the background.

With a series of blows, back and forth, a combination of moves, and sweat dropping moments, Jiren has been eliminated by Goku and Frieza who had sacrificed themselves to save Universe 7!

Android 17 is the sole survivor, he has one wish. In typical Dragon Ball fashion, the Android wishes that all the universes are resurrected!

It is told that Zen knew that the winner of the tournament would be pure and selfless! If he or she was not, Zen would have wiped all the universes. In the meantime, a vocal Freiza is stopped from returning to hell as Beerus grants Frieza a thank you present by re-granting his life.

The tournament is over and the warriors all return to their universes, with each one looking to the sky and having those special Dragon Ball moments.
 Thinking about the Universe 7 warriors and the friendships/challenges they had made on the way.

Dragon Ball Super comes to a close with Goku & Vegeta battling each other, training until a new threat arrives. Thank you Goku & friends.


Goodbye Goku, Until We Meet Again

I loved the Dragon Ball Super series, and the finale was no different.

A blend of the unexpected, with the heart of Universe 7 showing as the Z fighters resurrect the other universes and show a whole heart, by following in the footsteps of Goku.

I personally cannot wait for Dragon Ball to return, and fingers crossed it does return after the end of year film.

It's been a pleasure reviewing Dragon Ball Super. Until next time friends, I will see you soon.

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