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Dragon Ball Super Episode 121

By Nav | 24 Dec 2017
Ever have that feeling that today is not your day? Our heroes from Universe 7 must have felt that way when they thought Gohan had eliminated the remaining warriors from Universe 3 only to find out that they had survived and had a surprise up their sleeve.

The Suprise

Dr. Paparoni was forced to reveal their ultimate combination as the warriors of Universe 3 fused together to create an ultimate being with the intent of eliminating all warriors no matter what the cost.

The new transformed being possessed a speed quicker than anything anyone had seen before and could sustain multiple attacks at once! We had learnt this as Universe 7 devised a plan to surround the transformed being and attack him head on at once causing the enemy confusion and giving our heroes the upper hand.

In theory this sounded like a good plan but when our heroes put this plan into action the warrior from Universe 3 was able to defend himself from each attack and quickly spring an attack on each of our heroes.

Close Eliminations

With the transformed being sustaining an upper hand on our heroes we are treated to a series of close eliminations.

First Goku is nearly knocked out of bounds but Freiza un-expectantly leaps to Gokuís rescue and kicks him back into the arena! This saves Goku from elimination who in turn asks Freiza to join them and help them in battle.

Frieza accepts and is instantly angered by the warrior from Universe 3 as the transformed being attacks Freiza! Freiza is screaming at the being "are you attacking me because you think I am the weakest" whilst dodging each attack thrown at him.

Meanwhile Android 18 is hot on the heels, sprinting towards to the enemy and springing an attack, she is stopped though, caught by the enemy who attempts to eat her. Is this the end for Android 18 we wonder... no Goku is quick to the scene with instant translocation and saves Android 18.


Each warrior is on their toes, the enemy is getting more powerful with each attack, and we see this as Android 17 is attempting to dodge a series of blasts! Android 17 attempts to protect himself with an energy bubble, he is not able to stop himself from being pushed back and falls off the edge of the stage.

Falling to his elimination, Android 18 jumps off the edge grabbing her brother. Android 17 looks confused, 18 reassures him that he must continue the battle as she kicks him back up to the area floor, eliminating herself.

Was this the right decision? Android 18 was an injured character and she saw her brother as the stronger fighter. We had learnt from Dragon Ball Z that 18 was a angry/destructive character whilst her brother was a lot calmer but out of the two 17 was the stronger one and taking all the factors into account this may have been the right decision.

Failure to Saviour

After a series of blows the enemy springs a surprise attack, an energy blast that would destroy the arena and eliminate our heroes.
With the fate of Universe 7 in their hands, our heroes join forces and each release a energy blast as a counter. With each Universe evenly matched, Android 17 leaves the pack, pushing the energy blast back with his bare hands and piercing through the energy blast! The enemy caught off guard, Android 17 bursts out of the energy blast and punches the enemy in the centre of the head causing the enemies energy reactor to break and our heroes to finish the job by eliminating Universe 3.

Two universes remain, each Universe has 5 warriors left and 9 minutes remain. Who will win the tournament? Can our heroes save Universe 7? What part will Frieza play and can Goku achieve Ultimate Instinct?

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