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Dragon Ball Super Episode 120

By Nav | 17 Dec 2017
See my true power shouts Gohan, see my true power! The son of Goku, the strongest Saiyan during the Cell Saga, fell from grace as he focused his time on his studies, met his wife Videl and had a daughter.

Gohan's time in Super has been a mixed bag, at the end of Z he had become mystic and during his time through the horrid GT he became forgettable.

Super eliminates the days of GT and continues from Z, we have a lot to be thankful for that. Gohan though has had lows within Super, a weak warrior, focused on work and a loss of passion towards fighting, has his Saiyan warrior blood rejuvenated through a series of events and has entered the tournament as one of the strongest or the strongest warrior in any universe.

Universe 3 Chance

Goku's energy is low, he is tired and Vegeta can sense this, the prince of all Saiyan's had darted to the rescue of Goku. The 3 Saiyan’s are around each other and Universe 3 are ready to attack.

The characters of Universe 3 look boring and this shouldn't be much of a contest, Gohan steps up the plate to fight the Universe 3 warriors as Goku and Vegeta recoup their energy.

Team Work

Gohan going blow for blow with the enemy, Goku & Vegeta could see that the warriors from Universe 3 were a lot stronger than originally anticipated.

The Saiyan warriors jump to the aid of Gohan, we are treated to a triple team Saiyan battle as Goku and Vegeta go toe to toe with the enemy with their energy blasts.

Gohan is no where to be seen and we are led to believe that Gohan may be out of the picture or in a different battle. This is done to mislead us as Gohan pops up with a Super Kamehameha.


We believe that Gohan has eliminated Universe 3 with his Super Kamehameha, a blast so powerful it tore parts of the arena, decreasing the size of the arena!

The camera turns and we can see Universe 3 have barely survived but what is this? Dr. Paparoni announces that he has been forced to unveil Universe 3 ultimate combination!

What is this combination, what are Dr. Paparoni intentions with this ultimate combination? Will our heroes survive? We will find out in episode 121.

Episode 120 allowed for some special moments and interactions between characters though we could see by the screen time given to the characters and the pace of the build up that this episode was a filler set out to set up bigger things.

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