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Boruto Episode 1

By Nav | 30 Dec 2017
Two warriors stand in front of us, both in a heated battle, dialogue running through indicating this is the final chapter. How did we arrive to this point? Who are these two warriors and what is happening? We learn one of these warriors is Boruto and this is his story.

The Son of Naruto

We establish early on that Boruto is the son of Naruto but where is the father we have grown up to love? Naruto, a full fledged ninja, a guardian overseeing the leaf village, protecting the village and teaching at the academy.

Naruto's daily schedule is fully booked to the extent that he has to work over time; this means that Naruto misses out on a lot of family time with his son, wife and daughter. Because of this Boruto has a dislike towards his father, he does not want to be like his father, he wants to prove his father wrong and follow his own path.

Boruto may not fear his father but he does fear his mother.


Ever the trouble maker, Naruto was no stranger to danger and his son Boruto follows the same pattern. Skipping from building to building Boruto spots a young boy being cornered and bullied for money, with his Boruto senses tingling our young hero is quick on the scene to defend the victim from the bullies.

Boruto uses techniques known by academy members, leading the victim to question Boruto if he was from the academy. Boruto informs the victim that he is joining the academy tomorrow and learns that the victim he had saved is joining the academy too!

New Friendship

Boruto lectures his new friend Deki and the two go their separate way as the day ends. The next morning is academy day, Boruto is late! Rushing to attend the academy on time, Boruto sees Deki and he notices a purple aura surrounding Deki, after a blink of an eye Deki disappears.

Where did Deki go? Boruto is able to detect that he has gone to the train station and decides to follow him. Deki is ahead of Boruto at the railway station luring the bullies from the previous day into a train carriage. Deki is possessed, he explains to the bullies that the train carriages they are on are prototypes from his fathers company and they have been routed to collide with another prototype carriage. Deki sees this as proving to his father he is strong and teaching his bullies a lesson.

With danger in sight and a friend who has lost sight Boruto is on scene to snap his friend out of it and save the day, with a few risky slips that involves the whole cast of the scene from Deki to the bullies all chipping in to save Boruto and ensure everyone is safe.

After our teams effort our bullies have a new found respect for Deki. The bullies are set off into a safe carriage; Boruto and Deki continue their journey in their carriage to arrive at the academy on time.


In a nutshell the opening episode to Boruto sets the tone of the anime, it shows a fun, action packed anime that has a big ending to it. The interest is there and the excitement is there.

Boruto is one anime to give your time.

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