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Boruto Episode 2

By Nav | 06 Jan 2018
Two weeks have passed since Boruto ruined the academy head stones with his thunderous crash when saving a future class mate from the darkside that lived within him.

Class Encounter

Boruto returns to the academy with a reputation, his peers are discussing amongst each other how Boruto is subject to special treatment because of his fathers stature within the academy.

Aware that his peers have an ever growing eye on him, Boruto brushes the talk aside and carries on with being himself and his ambition to not live in his father's shadow.


The academy is a new environment for Boruto and along the way he encounters old friends, friends he has grown up with. Inojin is the first to make an appearance, he is known to Boruto through his parents, Inojin is the son of Sai and Ino Yamanaka.

Inojin is quick to express an unlike towards Boruto, he refuses to shake hands with him when presented to Boruto.

You start to think these two are going to be rivals in the long run of the series.

Academy Battle

Daily life at the academy requires the students to train and Boruto is put through his paces as the teachers analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

On their return from training Boruto is hungry, he offers to go to lunch with his fellow students who are quick to brush Boruto aside.

Iwabe, a senior student who has failed to graduate due to his poor written exam marks, awakes from the racket the students have been making. Iwabe is quick to point out Boruto and rant about how the current crop shinobi are corrupted. Iwabe believes in the old methods of study at the academy that Naruto endured and does not believe studying is relevant.

He is quick to point out that the students are weak and vulnerable, he makes a statement by knocking Baruto off his feet! Denki, friend of Boruto, stands up for him and states how strong Boruto is and how he encouraged Denki to join the academy.

Iwabe is outraged hearing this, he does not stand for the weak and instantly goes to attack Denki. Iwabe is focused, he is quick and has Denki's neck clutched within his hand! A breathless Denki struggles to break free until Boruto saves his new friend.

Boruto, unwilling to fight at school, is challenged by Iwabe. Iwabe proposes they fight at the academy training ground. Boruto agrees.

The classmates attend with anticipation of seeing Iwabe destroy Boruto. Iwabe is cocky stating he would kill Boruto if he used his weapon, he states that he will not use his weapon and take Boruto in a fair fight.

Boruto is quick to attack Iwabe using his clone technique, Iwabe is quick to state the disadvantages of the technique.

The crowd are stunned, they see Iwabe is a master of combat, he is street wise and has a combination of shadow/earth techniques within his arsenal.

Iwabe is dismantling Boruto, beating him on all levels, a tired Boruto won't give up, determined to beat Iwabe and show what true heart is. Iwabe questions Borutos reason for being at the academy and refers to Boruto as his father's coat tails.

An angered Boruto defeats Iwabe, an angered Iwabe resorts to his weapon, he goes to attack Boruto until Inojin steps in. Inojin takes the weapon from Iwabe, Inojin mentions that this fight is over and that Iwabe said he would fight Boruto without the weapon.

A defeated Iwabe looks on agreeing and new found respect is expressed for Boruto.


The second episode started slowly, it felt like a potential filler until the second half of the episode tied all the slow pieces together and stuck together a very exciting/satisfying episode.

Boruto is well written and the interest in the anime within the first couple of episodes is very high.

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