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Dragon Ball Super Episode 122

By Nav | 07 Jan 2018
Jiren looks on, looking at Goku, the warriors from each respective universe size each other up as we enter the last 9 minutes of the tournament.

Within a flash Goku & Jiren charge each other, exchanging blows in the process. As they battle each other the two warriors have a discussion, they are questioning each others desire to become stronger.

Frustrated as ever Vegeta watches, waiting, the prince of all Saiyan's has the desire to only fight the strongest warriors and he sees Jiren as the strongest.

Vegeta Has The Power

As the battle between Goku and Jiren continues a brief opening allows for Vegeta to rush Jiren. Jiren is quick, he is blocking each blow Vegeta throws at him and strikes Vegeta back with a blow of his own.

Vegeta is winded, this allows for Goku to re emerge, striking blows with Jiren. Jiren is quick to fend off Goku's strikes and produces his signature manoeuvre which is watched closely by Vegeta.

Vegeta is quick to spot a loop hole in Jiren's attack and with a plan in mind the prince attacks Jiren when the opportunity is presented to him by Goku when he is knocked back.

A Dent In Jiren's Armour?

Jiren is quick to attack Vegeta, hitting attack after attack, the prince does not give up and continues to fight back. With every move Vegeta is attempting to force Jiren into his signature attack so he may strike with a killer blow of his own.

Jiren falls for Vegeta's antics and performs his signature manoeuvre against Vegeta, Vegeta is quick to read the movement of Jiren and strikes him with a devastating blow.

The Challenges Amongst Others

Goku, 17 and Freiza are battling challenges of their own, the 3 warriors are fighting the remaining members of Jiren's team.

The ever cocky Freiza is up against a warrior who relies on speed, the warrior darts around Freiza, circling him but Freiza is quick himself and laughs at the warrior. Freiza points out to the warrior his weaknesses and as the warrior attempts to attack Freiza, he stops him in his track with his tail. The warrior is aware of Freiza moving and grabs the tail, once grabbed he uses his speed to drag Frieza around the arena, colliding Freiza into the boulders on the way.

The Pride Of A Saiyan

Jiren is impressed that Vegeta had read his moves and with one blast Jiren is able to push Vegeta away. The prince of all Saiyan's is struggling to contain the blast, he could be eliminated but in true fashion the Prince is able to save himself from elimination.

With his energy low and no longer Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta is tired and Jiren mocks the Saiyans pride. Jiren calls Vegeta's punches powerful but arrogant and because of that Vegeta does not have a chance against Jiren.

Having his Saiyan pride mocked angers Vegeta and with one large blast Vegeta is able to take down Jiren with an energy blast, or so he thought.

Jiren edges himself towards Vegeta and blows the Saiyan prince down and with that we are left to wonder if Vegeta will be eliminated from the tournament.


The episode started slowly, however, the build up and the music to set the tone of the episode were fantastic and the action was ever growing.

The excitement levels were over 9000!

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