"What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

- Paarthurnax, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125

6 minutes remain, Toppo and Jiren are the only two competitors left. They are up against Goku, Vegeta, Freiza and Android 17.

Android 17 and Toppo square off against each other, 17 is planning to use his infinite energy not to defeat Toppo, but to contain him until the timer has run out.

The plan is simple; Universe 7 would win the tournament with a greater number once the timer had ran out.

Freiza's Play Time

Android 17 and Toppo have caught each other in a test between energy blasts. Toppo is piling more pressure on 17; he is closer to the edge of the arena and close to being eliminated!

Toppo is struck from the back and Android 17 is regaining ground, allowing him to push Toppo back to the centre of the arena. Enter Freiza, the man who had struck Toppo from behind.

Freiza is blasting Toppo, one after another; he is playing with Toppo, taunting him and questioning his fight for Justice. Freiza is enjoying himself; you can see his sinister side coming out.

With Toppo on the back foot, 17 blasts Toppo for elimination. The whole arena is under the impression that Toppo has been eliminated, but they are wrong, Toppo has been able to survive and withstand the blast before he had fallen off the edge of the arena.

A heated Toppo is smoking, standing, Freiza is quick to arrive, he is ready to hand Toppo his last rights! Toppo is down but not out, he powers up as Freiza watches, awaiting an impressive transformation.

Jiren stops mid fight with Goku & Vegeta, stating that Toppo is finally releasing his true power. It is explained that Toppo has been trained to become a future god of destruction and that he is no longer fighting for justice but is fighting for survival.

This is blurring the line between Toppo's fight for justice as he embraces the power of destruction.

With his energy of destruction powered, Toppo throws an energy blast at Freiza, remembering how he previously stopped a similar blast from Beerus, Freiza is confident that he can stop the blast from Toppo with one hand.

Freiza is wrong and within a flash he has been taken out of the picture as Toppo turns his attention to Android 17.

God of Destruction

Android 17 is using a mixture of speed and energy blasts to contain Toppo, it is quickly pointed out that this is not affecting Toppo, Toppo is using the energy of destruction to destroy the atmosphere surrounding him.

They are quick to point out that there is a weakness to Toppo's attack, each time Toppo attacks with the energy of destruction he has to charge the energy up leaving an opening to be attacked.

After an intense battle with Android 17, Toppo is ready to end things! He is interrupted, an angry Freiza has appeared, no longer golden; Freiza produces an energy blast strong enough to wipe out planets. Freiza throws his attack and with a flick of a finger Toppo counters, a ball of energy is thrown towards Freiza by Toppo, the energy thrown was of that which possessed the energy of destruction.

Freiza is caught head first, he is beaten further and tossed like a piece of meat! It is easy to see that Toppo has one thing on his mind and that is eliminating Freiza.

The disrespectful Freiza is close to being eliminated if it was not for Android 17 intercepting, knocking Freiza off course so he is able to survive.

Freiza is laid flat out, on the edge of the arena, not moving an inch as the battle between Toppo and Android 17 heats up.


The rule book has been thrown out, Episode 125 has dethroned the theories out there of how Super will unfold.

A trainee god of destruction is taking reigns which can only lead to further progression for the main characters.

The tournament has become as gripping as ever, each character is getting their own respective air time and opinions of characters are changing.

As each episode closes and we are one stop closer to the end of the tournament, I have started to take a shine to Freiza. Freiza is very cocky, I  disliked him in Z and blasted Super for revisiting Freiza but this tournament has changed my opinion of him, causing me to like him more and more.

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