"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

- Ezio Auditore, Assassinís Creed 2

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126

Last time on Dragon Ball, Freiza was on the brink of elimination but was saved by Android 17 who threw a rock in Freiza's direction, knocking him off his path to elimination and saving universe seven from elimination.

With Freiza down, Toppo the future candidate for God of Destruction has his eyes set on one man and that man is Android 17. Seventeen had stopped Toppo from completing his task and now the future God has his sights set to lock Android 17 in a world of pain.

Seventeen is on the run; he dodges Toppo's attacks and goes into hiding. A rampant Toppo destroys everything in front of him, hunting 17 each time 17 goes into hiding.

Toppo uses his destruction energy blasts, destroying everything in sight, whilst he gets closer to his target, 17 is engineering a plan, a potential opening to attack Toppo.

He takes his chance but Toppo is quick to react and with a series of blasts our hero looks to be on the brink of elimination.

Freiza's Trap

Out steps Freiza, previously battered and bruised, Freiza has risen again; he has contained Toppo in an energy blast, paralysing him. Freiza wants to eliminate Toppo and hand him the humiliation he had handed Freiza moments ago.

Unimpressed by Freiza's sneak attack, Toppo is able to break out of Freiza's containment blast and makes quick work of Freiza and Android 17.

Meanwhile Goku and Vegeta are gaining the upper hand against Jiren.

Jiren cannot defend himself against the multiple attacks Vegeta and Goku keep mounting upon him. Jiren is pushed back and Toppo is fully aware of this, Toppo leaves Android 17 and Freiza behind to join the fight against Vegeta and Goku.

Toppo quickly separates Vegeta from Goku and challenges Vegeta to a fight. Vegeta had previously fought Toppo but is intrigued to take on the future God of Destruction candidate.

Vegeta questions Toppo, he mentions the fight for Justice and how Toppo is no longer fighting for what he believes in. Toppo questions Vegeta motive to go beyond limits, he outlines how he is able to go beyond anything he could ever achieve by freeing his mind and blurring the lines between justice and none justice.

Pushing Vegeta back, Toppo takes charge of the fight, questioning Vegeta desire further as the Saiyan prince refuses to become like Toppo and vows to fight for his family, his Saiyan pride and his promise.

Vegeta's Last Resort

Aware he must go beyond his limtis, Vegeta is on edge, he is focusing his energy to defeat Toppo, he knows having Toppo team up with Jiren will mean the end of his Universe and his dream of meeting the other Saiyans.

Vegeta powers up, a gigantic energy wave is surrounding him, the scene flicks to Piccolo who is wondering what Vegeta is doing. Piccolo assess the energy surrounding Vegeta, Piccolo is afraid that Vegeta is sacrificing himself again to save the day as he did in Dragon Ball Z against Majin Buu.

The blast is detonated, the stage has collapsed, no sign of Android 17 or Freiza being eliminated, Toppo on the other hand has been eliminated, he is back with his team mates watching on. Piccolo looks at the benches for Vegeta, he fears Vegeta has returned to the other world!

Vegeta is spotted, he is alive but his energy levels are low, he had mastered the self destructive technique so his life does not end but he can barely stand up!

Meanwhile Toppo has been eliminated, Jiren looks on, and he mutters something that implies Toppo was weak. The fate of his universe rests on Jiren's shoulders.


Exciting episode that gave Vegetaís character more depth.

Four minutes remain, our heroes have the advantage over Jiren but it seems as if Jiren has been hiding his true power and we are about to see a whole different side of Jiren.

Can our heroes survive and obtain the Super Dragon Balls or will Jiren come out on top?

So many questions as we fasten our seatbelts itching for more.

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