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Monster Hunter World

By Gemma | 02 Mar 2018
Monster Hunter games have been in circulation since 2004, With games spanning multiple platforms from the PlayStation to Xbox and even the multitude of handheld consoles such as the PSP, PSVita and the Nintendo DS range. There have also been various spin-offs, anime adaptations and even rumours of a possible movie in the future. With the latest Monster Hunter game out now and avaliable it brings with it a host of new things and wonderful graphics to admire throughout, after playing the game for 30+ hours I'm going to write about my opinion on the game and how I see it so far.

Due to the game being open world and it having a lot of things to explore it's far easier to state my opinion than waiting until I finish the game which could take months, however once I do complete the game I will write a follow up in the form of a full game review and its different aspects.

Initial Thoughts

Before the game was released we were greeted with lots of news and the announcement of the integration of a horizon zero dawn outfit. They also featured a few beta tests but they came with limitations like you would expect, during the beta's we didn't get such an open world feel, we were presented with 3 quests to complete, each featuring a different monster to tackle and we could use any of the multitudes of weapons available.

I participated in one of the beta's with a group of friends, I was fully aware that I would be purchasing the full game. The advantage of participating in the beta is that the beta grants you with rewards for the main game such as extra gear and items to help you in your adventure which when started can give you a much-needed boost to the start of your game giving you an advantage against others.

The game is stunningly beautiful, you can see how much effort has gone into the graphics alone from the smallest of scars on a monster to the stunning shrubbery to the sky itself and the beautiful luminescent scout flies that adorn the area.

When starting out you start with character creation which is extensive. You are able to change your hair colour and how you look along with your eyes, you can go as brightly coloured or as natural as you wish and you can have different coloured eyes which makes each character unique in itself.

Along with customizing yourself you also customise a palico which is a small cat like creature who follows you and helps you in your adventure. Once customization is complete you start with a cutscene which is beautiful and well done that leads to a tradegy of your palico being lost and you stranded on an island.

You have to escape the island which is a mini tutorial in movement and is very straightforward, the only downside to this small island is the first glimpse at the climbing mechanics which i have to say are not pretty in this game, unfortunately they seem to look a bit clunky and like your characters have no limbs there just being flung up the side of a cliff and are defiently not desireable.

That being said climbing mechanics dont feature much, thankfully you can get past the island fairly quickly, after the island you end up in a hub area which features your home where you can change your gear and other things with your palico. There is also a neat training area to test out different weapons as each weapon features different moves and advantages/disadvantages.

You can also find the smithy here to craft gear for yourself and your palico. You may also train, upgrade your gear and your kinsect which i will go into more detail shortly. There is a canteen area where you can eat meals, give different bonuses and a quest area to pick up side missions and guides. Completing things for them grant you extra things, and later in the game you also aquire a herbologist who allows you to grow herbs and other items with him to help and aid you in crafting things.

The majority of your downtime is spent here in the hub accepting quests, watching cutscenes and taking a look around there are 2 things you can do outside the hub which are Quests and an Expidition area which is free roam.

Questing Outside The Hub

Quests outside the hub are either main story quests or side quests, you have an option of doing both or just sticking to main story quests. You pick them up in the hub from your handler or others in the area and then you post them on the quest boards which are located through different floors of the hub.

Once posted you can either go at the quest solo or you can set it for others to join you either friends or random people in the same world as you wanting to do the quests you post, once you depart you are on a time limit to complete the quest which involve either locating a certain area, killing a certain monster(s), capturing a monster or escorting a convey to a set location.

When you set off you pick a place to land and once you land you are able to change your equipment if you wish and take out relevant items that will be left in a supply box that include stuff useful to help with the set mission you are on. While exploring the area you will come across various things to pick up that can be used for crafting potions and other needed items and also across things such as footprints, saliva, feathers and scales. These are all things that can easily fall of a large monster, selecting these on your way round increase your expertise in these monsters allowing your scoutflies to come assist you after collecting a certain amount to lead you to the monster you need to find for your quest.

Increasing your expertise also grants you more knowledge to know the monsters weakness's with weapons and areas that can break off from the monster that you should attack to cause more damage. Once you arrive at the monster you need for the quest all you need to do is beat it using your weapon of choice, at set stages throughout the fight the monster will run/limp off depending on how low it is on health and it will drop pieces of itself along the way for you to pick up these pieces help to craft new weapons and armor for yourself once the monster is defeated the timer begins to countdown to bring you out of the mission and gives you time to loot the monster for whatever you can find from it, when finished it will show you a stat sheet explaining what you found and picked up what experience you gained and what things you have leveled up.


Expeditions are free-roam areas best used to complete side missions and gather gear, the expedition areas have no time limit so you are free to roam around as much as you please defeating any monsters you come across to aid you in materials for crafting, if you are aiming for a set piece of armor and your short of a few things, going on an expidition to defeat the monster you can recieve it from is helpful rather than trying to find a quest for the monster.

I regularly went on expeditions to build up my herbs and other foraged items so that i could craft potions to heal myself and other craftable things needed so i was always well stocked in time missions and didnt have to worry about running out. Whenever you are out exploring in expeditions or in a quest your Palico will also pick up items for you, along with your own inventory you also have your Palicos who can pick up useful items.

You can go back to the hub once you are full and craft everything required that you need for missions, you can also explore to find other camps and tail riders which are unowned Palicos dotted around the maps, once befriended will grant you added things for your Palico such as new gadgets or the ability to ride smaller creatures.

I throughly enjoyed going on expeditions not only to build up my inventory but also to explore the vast wilderness and to get an understanding of the areas and what monsters I would encounter.


Palico's are small cat like creatures who will follow you around on missions unless you are in a group with 3 friends, Palicos will help you in fights by attacking the monster, they can ride smaller creatures and control the smaller creatures to attack monsters. They will pick up items along the way, you can craft new gear for them giving them better weapons and armor through collecting pieces from fallen monsters.

Each Palico has a gadget to start with it is a healing gadget that your Palico will use to heal you the more your Palico uses it the more it gains xp and levels up, the more powerful it becomes.

The second gadget you can use is a flash that stuns monsters, it's put down as a trap that you need to trigger and as it levels up it to grows stronger until you can summon more powerful versions of them, to gain more gadgets and the ability to ride small creatures you must locate tailriders in different areas to befriend and follow them back to their camp where they will give you your new gadget. I think the palico is a nice addition to the game and extremely helpful with the gadget it can provide and makes for a good companion in your journey.


Kinsects are little insects attached to your armor that can provide different things, you can level them up, upgrade them and transform them. Starting out it is ideal to have one that helps with healing as it will throw a healing cloud in the air, once hit by yourself it will heal you, it also has a poison one which if hit will damage the monster it touches and various other spore like ability.

It can also be shot to do damage to monsters, once at a higher level you can embue them with elements to deal fire damage, water damage and other elements depending on how you wish to have your kinsect, you may own as many kinsects as you wish but you can only equip one at a time.

Kinsects are extremely strange and unique at first i wasn't to sure what it was or how to use it but after a small bit of research I figured it out and quickly came to see how useful they turned out to be.

Playing In A Group

Playing in a group isn't as great as it sounds unfortuntly, it increases the difficulty of the monsters you fight which with team work isn't a bad thing at all but the downside to working with a group is it's not a simple case of you go to your friend list and send them an invite.

You have to first invite them to your instance, which doesn't automatically put them in a group with you it just adds them to your map, then you must post the quest on the quest board. The easiest way is if you wish to do it with friends post it with a passcode and tell your friend that code so only they join.

If your wanting randoms just posting the quest up then waiting works once they join your quest your good to go or so you would think. Your friend must be on exatcly the same quest as you or you must of seen the cut scenes in a story quest for your friend to join or it wont let them join you, you also cant go on expiditions with your friends, so in ways it is multiplayer if you dont mind the hassle of working around everything just to get in a group with your friend or if say you and your friend are just starting the game you would be at the same place and can progress together, so on the multiplayer aspects I think I much prefered to play the game on my own just to avoid having to find a friend at the same stage as I was.


My opinion of this game is its great it has a few flaws but thats the same of any game, I love the grinding aspect to the game and how we can go out and explore with out a time limit but can also do quests within a time limit, the graphics are stunning as is the music and the animations are amazing, the cutscenes and story are great to watch and follow aswel and I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds I can see a lot of grinding in the future with this game which I adore and finding different ways to build my character with upgrades and using different things to work out what is best for me, I advise anyone wanting to play this game to defiently give it a go it is a wonderful piece of work and I invision a lot more wonderful things to come in future updates and events bound to come to this game, if grinding is something you enjoy or beating up a big monster 3 times your size this is defiently for you and I can't wait to finish this game.

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