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Queen's Blade Rebellion Episode 2

By Nav | 03 Mar 2018
The episode opens with a circle of men surrounding 2 women, the women are fighting, it is an illegal fighting ring happening, the men are betting to see who would be victorious between the two women.

Another woman falls and the bookie is encouraging another female warrior to step forward and challenge his warrior. Another does, she is close, she is battling hard and is able to knock the opponent back. She goes for a victorious finish only to be denied by a squid! The Squid wraps around her and within a flash, the challenger has been cheated out of her victory.

A New Challenger

Analotte hears a shriek from the woods, she rushes towards the noise, leaping off a high cliff edge, she lands, ready to battle. Analotte has walked into the gambling ring and is put straight into a battle.

Analotte makes quick work of her opponent, the fight is over and the men flee as the Inquisitor Sigui approaches the small village.

The story focuses on a series of events that revolve around the Inquisitor Sigui, as we learn about her faith in God, and how she plays her part to the villagers who look highly to her.

Analotte confesses to Inquisitor Sigui who is attacked by a squid Inquisitor Sigui, the Inquisitor Sigui is not impressed by Analotte's views which leads to her challenging Analotte to a fight.

Squid Saviour

Outside Analotte refuses to fight the Inquisitor Sigui who is swift and quick. The Inquisitor Sigui makes quick work of Analotte who is left motionless on the floor. The Inquisitor Sigui is not impressed with Analotte, she looks to finish Analotte for her sins and views.

Analotte glows, she refuses to be knocked down, she breaks through the spirit and battles the Inquisitor Sigui who is in shock!

The Inquisitor Sigui is now aware that Analotte is stronger, quicker and has a stronger desire to survive than The Inquisitor Sigui. The Inquisitor Sigui is on the back foot and Analotte is ready to finish the Inquisitor Sigui!

The Inquisitor Sigui is saved, a squid attacks Analotte, as Analotte glows the Inquisitor Sigui sees a chosen light from God within Analotte and the Inquisitor Sigui counts her lucky stars as she sees the squid as a sign from God to rescue her.

The fight is over, Analotte refusing to join the Inquisitor Sigui continues on her own path as the Inquisitor Sigui hunts down the man responsible for the gambling ring that was happening during the Inquisitor Sigui fight.


Queen's blade quickly dives into its episodes; the story was thick and fast in episode 2 as we learnt more about the plot line and what the characters do.

You could see a potential history between characters to build up in future episodes. Alongside that, the battle sequences were all well animated. Bring on episode 3!

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