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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

By Nav | 04 Mar 2018
Two warriors stand, the moment we have been waiting for, can Goku defeat Jiren? The fate of the universe is in Goku's hands!

Goku looked defeated moments before Jiren was about to strike the final blow, though as ever Goku pushed through his limits and once again we were shown Ultra Instinct.

A rejuvenated Goku has a silver glare in his eyes; he is focused whilst a fired up Jiren is striking each blow with precision.

Ultra Instinct

Goku shrieks a war cry, Krillan who is on the bench watching Goku vs Jiren fears the worst, he mentions how he remember Goku shrieking the same shriek last time when Ultra Instinct did not last long.

Meanwhile, Goku has leapt between rocks, he is powering up a Kamehameha attack! Goku dodges the onslaught from Jiren and releases his Kamehameha wave! Explosions everywhere as the impact of Goku blast is felt around the arena.

The smoke clears, the spectators watch with anticipation. Goku is seen aerial with a shield stopping him going any further! Jiren has seen this attack before and had read the movement of Goku. Jiren had anticipated Goku's move and launched a shield to protect him.

With Goku aerial, Jiren releases a counterattack, knocking Goku into thin air! Is this the end?

A proud Vegeta leaps up, the opposition are crying for Jiren to end Goku now as Goku falls from the sky. Vegeta fires back at the opposition who are mocking the Saiyan's prince people. Vegeta mentions that the tournament has shown that Saiyans will always break their barriers and push their limits. The prince goes into his speech of Saiyan pride and turns to Goku to remind him that he has left all his faith in Goku.

Saiyan's Pride

A listening Whis is quick to point to Krillan that this time things are different, Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct!

Goku has awoken; he had protected himself with the Kamehameha wave.

A series of battle sequences happen between Goku & Jiren, each showing the strength of each warrior. Jiren has Goku pinned on a rock, Goku is busy focusing on his defence, the spectators suspect Goku is unaware he is about to be eliminated as the ground around him breaks.

Whis once again pipes up, he mentions that a warm glow/energy is being felt by everyone around the arena and that something special was going to happen.

He wasn't wrong! Goku breaks free from his defence by releasing an attack on Jiren. Jiren has been punched and knocked back! A penetrating blow!

Goku is behind Jiren, Jiren heats up even more and the two clash again as the finale of the universal tournament draws closer.


One of the best super episodes I have watched in a long time! The dialogue between each character was perfect. We witnessed different emotions as certain characters became cocky as they smelt the smell of victory and others became prideful as the end looked near.

We are closer to the finale of Super which is a shame because never has Super been hotter than it is now.

I should mention though has anyone realised that Freiza hasn't been eliminated? Where is he and how is he surviving!

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