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Dragon Ball Super Episode 7

By Jeremy | 06 Mar 2018

How Dare You Do That to My Bulma! Vegeta's Metamorphosis of Fury!

I'll be honest. The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I won't waste time here recapping why, but I will say that for the most part episode seven washed that away. Not a whole lot is going on here, though what did take place was entertaining to me. I think the entire point of this episode, besides being padding until Goku inevitably makes an appearance, was to cement in our heads just how powerful Lord Beerus is. With how powerful most of these characters have grown over the years it's telling to see them fall so easily. Over the course of this episode's runtime, we see almost every Z Fighter take a shot at Beerus and we see each of them fail miserably.

The episode opens immediately where the last one left us hanging. The formalities have been thrown out the window and it seems that Earth is going to meet its end at the hands of the disrespected Beerus. We see a little bit more of the cowering Vegeta and a brief glimpse of Dende also trembling in fear. What can he sense about Beerus that has him so frightened? We don't have to wait long for answers on that front as Dende finally realizes that Beerus isn't any “friend” of Vegeta's and it finally settles on the group that they might not be able to handle this. In what was one of the best parts of this episode, we get to see the reintroduction of a fan favourite character, Gotenks. I knew that with Trunks and Goten running around it wouldn't be long before he showed up. I was very happy to see that he was one hundred percent the character that I remember. He's the last character that needed to be placed in front of Beerus if they wanted to show him respect, but I was personally pleased with the results. In a pure Gotenks moment, he declares that the God is a dumbass and Beerus responds in kind with a super spanking on the childish fighter's arm. There was also a ridiculous monologue about how Beerus just had to try some pudding.  These moments may have seemed a bit ridiculous, but I genuinely laughed at both of them. During the pudding segment, I really wished I could help this guy out and get him some of the creamy desserts. I sympathized with Beerus and actually felt bad for him.  Who doesn't enjoy some good pudding?

After seeing all of his comrades fall to Beerus' power, Vegeta finally decides that he is done with butler routine. Since this was my number one hangup with the last episode I was really happy to see him finally cut loose; even if it was an extremely brief encounter. By the end of it, we see Vegeta under the heel of Lord Beerus' boot much like we saw his father doing in the flashback a few episodes ago. Vegeta claims that being killed by a destroyer deity in the heat of battle is a noble death and he seems ready to accept his fate until none other than Bulma steps in and attempts to put the god in his place with a firm slap to the face. Even though I had seen the Battle of the Gods movie and knew this moment was coming I was still very shocked to actually see Bulma smack Beerus. After seeing warriors such as Vegeta and Gotenks fall, you have to give the woman credit for stepping up to the plate. I half expected Beerus to vaporize her in an instance (wouldn't that have made for interesting television?), but he responds in kind with a slap of his own that brings Bulma back down a few notches and causes Vegeta to finally lose all control and break out into a trademark Saiyan rage. This exchange between Beerus, Bulma, and Vegeta is my favourite scene in Dragon Ball Super thus far. I loved it in the Battle of the Gods movie and I think I loved it even more in Super.  It shows you just how much Bulma really means to him and it's always a good time when a Saiyan goes into a fit of rage.

I'm very happy to report that the horrible art that popped up occasionally in episode six is nowhere to be found. For the most part, this episode was on par with the best we've seen in Dragon Ball Super. I'm still patiently waiting for a true fight scene in the series. We've certainly had a few sneak peaks so far, most notably when Goku met Beerus on King Kai's planet, but a true fight has yet to take place. So far all we have seen is Beerus throw around the Earth's mightiest warriors on his quest to find the Super Saiyan God. Don't expect a lot on that front this episode as it was only mentioned once and Beerus seems to be getting as irritated as me over the fact that he hasn't been able to uncover any info about this Saiyan deity. Just who is this Super Saiyan God and can he go toe to toe with the destroyer? I think we will be finding out rather soon as the end of this episode promised the imminent return of Goku. Things appear to finally be heating up on Dragon Ball Super. I can't wait to dig into the next episode.

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