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Boruto Episode 16

By Nav | 23 Jun 2018
We open with school test approaching, Denki is facing a wall, he is focusing, he is about to use his ninja skills to run up a wall -- one of the school's tests. Denki's attempt to run up the wall fails. Denki is aware if he cannot perfect his ninja skills he will not graduate to the next year.

Boruto and the team are watching Denki from afar. In true Boruto fashion, the team all approach Denki, soldiering him on and giving him various pieces of advice. Denki is listening and taking each point on board but no matter how hard he tries, he keeps falling down.

Training on the Rocks

Denki falls again. He is adamant he does not want to fail the course and be left behind, like Iwabe who had failed the year many of times. Iwabe hears Denki cry and Denki is apologetic to what he said about Iwabe.

Metal Lee sees Denki's failings and offers to help Denki. Metal Lee invites Denki to train with him and takes him to the mountains where he teaches Denki to climb, and to relax, hoping this helps Denki's walking up walls technique. Denki falls again and is saved by a guest appearance from the one and only Rock Lee. Rock Lee is impressed with Denki's extra training and gifts Denki a green Rock Lee suit.

Unlikely Duo

Iwabe is struggling to study, he is trying hard. As ever, Boruto is there to help Iwabe but Boruto's style of studying is not helping. Iwabe struggles with learning from textbooks.

Iwabe is at risk of failing the year again, so it's in his best interest to team up with Denki. However, Iwabe has no fear of failing the year again. Iwabe sees Denki training; he approaches Denki and gives Denki some advice. It worked! Denki catches up with Iwabe, he apologises about his remarks earlier that week. The two discuss amongst each other and Iwabe reveals he is not afraid of failing again, his best interest is for Denki to pass so Denki does not experience the same failures Iwabe has.

An inspired Denki vows to work with Iwabe so they may both pass the test together and go through to the next year.

Denki and Iwabe are ready for the test; they are on their way to The Academy when they are stopped by a fire. The building is burning, the two stop to assess the situation and agree to leave the burning building to the authorities so they may get to their exam. This is until Iwabe hears a lady crying that her 3 children are stuck inside.

Iwabe rushes into the building, telling Denki to stay outside! After a series of ninja techniques, Iwabe is stuck in the building and must use his electronic studies skills to rewire the fire alarm sprinkler system in order to save the children.

Denki who is outside waiting has become frustrated with worry as he waits for Iwabe to escape the burning building. The longer Iwabe took, the more frustrated Denki became as he rushed into the building using the wall climbing ninja technique.

United with Iwabe, Denki and Iwabe use the skills they have kept failing on at the academy in real life and save the 3 children. Denki and Iwabe return to the academy but both of them are late for the exam and therefore have both failed.

In a meeting with the sensei, Denki and Iwabe have been informed that they have both passed because of their heroics and them putting their test into practice.

The episode ends with Iwabe and Denki celebrating with Boruto and gang.


Episode 16 was an enjoyable episode that built an unlikely relationship between two characters who were very prominent within the opening episodes of Boruto, but became forgotten as the ghost ark grew.

If future Boruto filler episodes are all as entertaining as this one, Boruto has a promising future as it builds towards the next ark.

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    Definitely inspired to go watch this series now. :)