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Boruto Episode 17

By Nav | 28 Jun 2018
Sarada is on her way home. It is her time to tell a story of her exciting life. The young student is at home cooking and she has made dinner for her mother Sakure, who has returned from her hilltop trip.

Delivery Man

Sakure is leaving for the weekend and on her way out she notices a bear. The bear is owned by a patient and was at her home to be stitched up. All repaired and ready to be used again, Sakure has forgotten to deliver the bear to the patient.

Sarada offers her services to her mother and is off to the train station to deliver the bear.

On the train, Sarada hears her stop and rushes off the train! Oh no! She's forgotten the bear on the train! Reluctant to use her ninja skills, Sarada rushes to the next train station to collect the bear.

After a series of delays and another train stop missed, Sarada heads to the lost and found department.

The lost and found department hand Sarada her package, upon opening the package, Sarada notices that the package is not the package she left behind! Sarada hurries to locate the person who has taken her package.

Delivered Bear

Sarada must visit a dark alley, to locate a woman who may have information on where her package has gone. The lady Sarada meets, wants something in return for the information. She wants a rare food item for her to feast on.

Sarada receives the information she seeks and heads to the lake where people go to set sail their gifts. Sarada returns the gift to the old lady who has just set the wrong gift down the stream!

The old lady looks confused as Sarada rushes down the waterside using her ninja skills to walk on water and retrieve her package.

The package has been retrieved and Sarada has delivered the package to the patient. Meanwhile, Sakure returns home, where Sarada is seen cooking dinner again.


There was no excitement to this episode. The episode started dull and ended with you lying on your pillow, fast asleep, catching the zzzs.

There is a story to be told here for the future arc but this wasn't it.

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