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Plastic Memories - Sweet, Heartwarming, and Very Touching

By Gemma | 29 Jun 2018
Plastic Memories is such a tearjerker of an anime. It is such a sweet innocent anime that really makes you feel and touches you to your core. I must admit a few episodes had me in tears and definitely kept me wanting more. The anime aired in 2015 with 13 episodes. Once the anime finished they then produced 3 mangas and have now released a game for the Vita -- a visual novel.

The Plot

So what is Plastic Memories? It's a strange title, right? Well, this anime is all about the near future and humans living with androids who look identical to humans, to the extent they even have human memories and emotions. The androids are called the Giftia and they have one flaw. They can only live for a total of just over 9 years. If they aren't collected before the time is up, they begin to lose memories and can become violent, so an organization was made to collect the Giftia close to expiration dates from their owners and to wipe the memories from the Giftia essentially making it a blank slate again. The organization tasked with doing this is split into Duo's a human known as a spotter and a Giftia known as a marksman, this anime follows the story of such a team.



Tsukasa is our protagonist he is an 18-year old who failed his college entrance exams due to medical conditions. He eventually gets a job with the terminal service thanks to the help of his father. He isn't aware what terminal does until he begins work and is given his marksman Isla who is also a Giftia. He is loyal and fiercely, so when he finds out Isla is coming to the end of her lifespan, he vows to still stay by her side. He is an all-round nice guy. Nothing stands out too much about him though. He is nice and sweet and caring, but he falls in love with our Giftia and I'm sure you're wondering how that is possible I mean she's an android after all. He still loves her, even knowing she is coming to the end of her lifespan. He makes it his job to spend as much time as he can with her to make memories and evidently falls in love with her. At times you can really see how it can happen I mean they look human and they act like it.  They have human emotion. In a lot of cases that Isla and Tsukasa go on, it has to do with people falling in love with Giftia and having to break them apart during runaways. I love seeing how Tsukasa evolves in this anime how he fights to keep with Isla, how much he loves her and will do anything for her and how no matter how much pain he is going through. He will still stay by her side and such fierce loyalty is not seen often and its refreshing and heart-wrenching to see the amount of pain. Knowing that at any moment they could be split up and it could be her last day so trying to live every day really to its fullest.


Isla is our Giftia. She is beautiful and looks young and childlike even though she isn't. She has twin pigtails and is again one of those adorable but clumsy people forever tripping over things. She really is unique. She serves tea, she grows herbs, she had a partner before Tsukasa but due to her partner leaving her. She reverts back and tries to be more Android than human. Sitting in a chair just staring, rarely speaking, performing menial tasks, is efficient. She doesn't consume meals and only has her uniform for clothing. She doesn't have anything else due to the abandonment and torment of her first partner. She acts alone until our protagonist comes along and ultimately helps bring her back out of her shell bettering her and helping her, he takes her shopping for clothes, takes her to amusement parks and all sorts of other places and gives her new experiences and memories and at the end. She really has come out of her shell, whenever she goes on a case and they catch the Giftia. She always whispers something in their ear. It's very sentimental and unexpected and such a sweet last thing to do for anyone that it just pulls on your heartstrings. Isla tries to push Tsukasa away after he confesses his feelings for her and she does it to protect him. She cares deeply for him but doesn't wish to admit so and she also doesn't wish to hurt him by having his loyalty to her make him stay and prolong his pain in watching her slip away further and further as her time comes to an end. I admire that but she can't go through with it and eventually comes to admit she has feelings for him. You get to see how much she blossoms, how they both help each other to accept what is going to happen and ultimately prepare Tsukasa for her passing.

There are other characters to discuss but this anime is about our two main characters and so they are who I wanted to speak about. All the others play important parts to develop our main characters stories and lives together, either for it or against it. The friendships our Giftia manages to acquire so to fully understand, you should definitely watch this beautiful heartwarming anime.

My opinion

Simply one of the sweetest, most heartwarming, and touching animes I have seen to date. I usually prefer a more fantasy or gory anime but this spoke volumes to me and brought me to tears during a few episodes, but also kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next. I was waiting to see if our main characters ended up together or not and what ultimately happens to everyone and the effect Isla has on everyone. It's a short anime but such a wonderful one to spend your time watching and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. There is a lot more I could have written but it would have made spoilers and that's what I want to avoid as this anime needs love and attention. The slightest spoiler can ruin the whole thing so I would definitely recommend you taking the time to watch this anime and share in the love and the tears that i did with this short but sweet masterpiece of an anime.

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