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Sally Face Part One

By Nav | 19 Nov 2017

Ever wake up and wonder what today's world would be like?

Sally Face takes this thought but twists it as you explore the story of an adult going through the events of his childhood. The child in question we know as Sally Face, the main character. A child who is struggling to control his dreams of the death of his mother, and then having moved to a new apartment with his father where a murder has taken place.

The game starts out with a very dark tone; setting the scene for the game perfectly, as you are tasked to go through multiple doors. All this, before you enter the world in a very strange but dark apartment building.

Within this apartment lays a mystery waiting to be unravelled, as a young child your curiosity get's the better of you. You are trying to fit into your new environment, but who can really fit into an apartment block where a murder has happened?

You're Tasking Has Entered the Building

You are tasked throughout Sally Face to socialise with your neighbours, and workers of the apartment block to establish what your new environment is really like. All the whilst stumbling across the creeps that slither in the darkness.

Each dark spot throughout the game gives you a sense of chills as you approach each area with caution, what could appear from this darkness? What could be lurking around the corner? What could you expect to find behind that door? These questions run through your mind as Sally Face takes your sense of security away and places you fully into the unknown.

As you explore, you meet new faces, each with their own stories, each with their own agenda -- these people are there to help you throughout the game though. Talking to one person will offer you a wide range of dialogue to explore, but you must pay attention to every detail given. Within the conversations lies many an unexpected clue which allows you to progress further through Sally Face.

Hidden Agendas, and Chatty Powers

Each character within the game has a unique style, having mentioned about each of them having their own agenda, but also each character knows more than they let on. It is up to you, as the player, to grasp these hints and use your noggin (brain power) to collect the relevant items within the game. If you decide not to pay full attention to the dialogue in front of you, you will spend endless hours exploring the area given to you, inspecting items, talking to random people, and feeling a sense frustration as you become lost in a story that offers so much.

Sally Face offers the ability to use your Xbox 360 controller (and presumably an Xbox One controller too) or keyboard and mouse. I used the Xbox 360 controller as this felt very natural playing the game. The controls were simple, the camera angles were precise and pace/tone of the game never slipped throughout my playthrough.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sally Face deep story that offered a unique plot twist towards the end, and because of the amount of time I had invested growing with my character I had a deep sense of connection within myself. Only, no matter how good the first part was, it felt a little short. Like it had been cut off, and unfinished. I understand that this is an episodic game, and thus you need that cliff hanger to make you want to get the 2nd part. But it felt short nevertheless. That doesn't stop me from wanting to play Part 2, and I am excited to find that strong connection between me and Sally Face again.

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The Good

Easy Controls
Enticing Storyline
Beautiful Art Style
Sense of the Unknown

The Bad

Short Story
Vague Guidance


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