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Ballistic Mini Golf

By Nav | 22 Nov 2017
Early access or fully complete? A game of mini Golf which makes you think of the luxurious courses within the USA. When I think of mini golf I think of big standees, multiple holes taking you down different routes, with each route making the final putt different due to the angle depending on the amount of power you put in your shot.

When I heard of Ballistic Golf and saw the images the developer had put out on Steam, I was expecting a game in space. A game with universal courses that took the aspect of space but added in elements you would stereotypically think about a planet.

What I received was something completely different. I walked into Ballistic Golf eager, but the simplest of tasks left me feeling frustrated and exhausted.

Golf with a Mate

A friend and I decided to stream Ballistic Golf together because we love Golf With Friends, we were excited, we were opened minded but even the simplest task of setting up an online game was a struggle. We spent up to 30 minutes trying to figure out how to invite each other to a private game. We had no guidance as the game would not tell us why we could not achieve this easy task. We had explored all options and discovered via the settings that we were both on different regions, once we had set our server to the same regions we were greeted with the option to invite each other to the same game. If a region option was added, and easily visible, this issue would be averted.

Within our lobby we were presented with one of the best customisable options we had seen on a golf game, the free accessories we were given were very interesting and livened up our hope of the game.

The online play did not tell us that using the sliders on the courses was not changing how many holes you would like to do, but it was changing which course you would like to do. Depending on the course chosen the difficulty of the course would be decided automatically by the course number which is great, if it was obvious what you were picking. So, it was now time to kick off into Ballistic Golf and see what the game was about.

The Golf Play

Once you enter the game, depending on if you are using a 360 Controller or keyboard/mouse you are greeted with a ball of frustration -- there are many reasons that these problems could have come about. The game ball was too big, the holes within the courses that knock your ball off course or out of the course were too big, and taking shots within the game would result in you either overpowering your shot or underpowering your shot.

The game was very inconsistent and that was without the glitches we were greeted with. I mentioned above about inconsistent shot strength, but when you did the sweet spot the game would throw what I call a grass glitch -- where a patch of the course turf would act as an invisible block and knock your ball miles away from the spot you were originally at.

A Shining Light

Even with all its frustrations, Ballistic Golf was a fun but frustrating experience when playing with your friends. I felt this was mainly because the friends I had around me made the game excitable, more than the game itself.

Ballistic Golf has lots of potential if treated right. If the game was treated as Mini Golf in space, using the quirks and experiences you have from Mini Golf in America, with the twist of Golf With Your Friends, then this game could be a top title. Unfortunately,in its present state, it is a ball of frustration.

Note: Ballistic Golf is currently an early access game.

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The Good

Beautiful Atmosphere
Difficulty at Times Was Fun

The Bad

Sound is Annoying/Too Loud
Setting Online Game Is Frustrating
Ball Bouncing is Inconsistent
Circles within Courses are Too Large


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    I haven't seen any updates to this game to be fair.


    I kind of like this game...

    It's a guilty pleasure of mine.


    haha I can see elements of why you would but no way is that game worthy of a regular play through.


    haha trust you too mate


    Since this article has been posted I have seen that the game has had a few new mode updates.


    Has it? has it improved the game at all or is it still a shambles.


    Just as a heads up in case no one was aware but I read from the developer notes that the game is remaining in Early Access phase until Q2/Q3 2018


    I read someone once stream this game for 6 hours!

    He did though do it part of a charity stream so it may not have been 6 hours exactly.


    Interesting I wonder what that persons experience with the game was like.


    This game has a lot of potential but it was hilarious playing this with my mate, I think we made that stream considering we were the only people playing the game on Twitch.


    Lol I enjoyed it! Was so funny watching you guys hit those course glitches.


    Haha yeah I couldn't believe how many times you guys bounced off that flag and off the course :facepalm:


    I remember that! I thought the most painful part to watch was Tom fluking his way to the end of the hole by knocking himself perfectly off the course instead of following it around.


    Erk don't remind me! Most frustrating part of the game considering I had to go around the whole course :facepalm:


    :joy: your reaction was the most funniest thing I have seen in a long time.


    :joy: To be fair Tom may have used every short cut possible, I still came out on top.