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Nights of Azure

Nights of Azure, an RPG game produced by GUST, who have also produced many other well-known games such as the Atelier franchise and lastly Blue Reflection. Nights of Azure was released in 2016 ( March 29th in Northern America and April 1st in Europe to be Precise) and is available on the ps4, it has a ps3 and vita version but they are only available in Japan. Recently it was released on Steam as of February 7th, 2017.

The Game

The game focuses on a female protagonist named Arnice; who is half demon. She goes to a small island named Rusewall where she finds an old friend from when she was younger, who is due to be sacrificed in order to stop the Nightlord from returning and making a blue moon; the blue moon will cause an eternal night causing all the fiends to come out and cause mayhem and also give more power to them and allow for it never to be daytime.
The game features a lot of story progression scenes throughout the majority of which appear during the hotel period of the game. When starting out you have access to the map which leads you to different areas on the island to perform missions or to level up and grind for rewards, which if you are going for the platinum will be essential throughout certain parts of the game. Once you return to the hotel it will send you to your room to sleep which in turn plays out an important scene to further the game or the backstory of the characters, you may repeat levels as often as you wish to complete certain trophies or to grind for equipment or currency to purchase servan which I will talk through later in this review. The missions mainly involve going to areas and either fighting monsters or finding an item and increasing your transform meter.
There are 3 side features to the game along with the main story which are: the Arena allowing you to go to the basement of the hotel to battle a set monster or do certain things for special rewards and to also gain trophies, the tradeship- a small-time framed part of the game allowing you to set a ship to sail for a certain amount of time to receive rare items one of which is only available through this and is a special servan, the 3rd thing you can do alongside the story is you can accept added side quests to complete along with your main quests to gain certain rewards and some characters in the hotel will also give you quests throughout the game.


Arnice: The main character who you play as is half demon she has the ability to transform into other more powerful modes which are explained throughout story once unlocked she gains transformation power by killing the enemies in missions using various weapons. There is a level up system in the game and the ability to equip items to increase different abilities.
Lilysse: Is Arnice’s friend from childhood she features greatly in the game as the sacrifice and there are many scenes played out between her and Arnice to develop the story and their relationship further. I would love to discuss further into their character development, as it shows how well the game has been made, but to avoid spoilers we will leave it there.
Many other characters are featured in the game and all play small parts in quests throughout the game.


Servans are small creatures who fight alongside Arnice you may summon 4 servans at one time to help you battle in your missions, each servan has different abilities and can either help with fights boost characters or help with healing. Servans gain XP through each fight to level up, improving their stats and you can also equip items on them to improve certain abilities or grant added healing ability. You collect servans throughout the game by battling, buying from vendors, in the arena and lastly through the tradeship. The combination of servans used is wide and varied and can be changed at will allowing for different tactics and strategies.


The game is stunningly beautiful with amazing detail, bright colours, and elaborate outfits. The music is gripping and sweet sounding throughout, the overall gameplay and layout are simple and easy to understand, fun throughout and never a dull moment. There is always something to do during the game and you are never left stumped on what to do next. The battle system is unique and takes thought into each battle of how best to approach and on how to set your servans up correctly. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game and platinuming it and would recommend it to any lover of anime games it is defiantly a good story and has replay value in the story alone or just to try doing things again using different servans. The sequel to Nights of Azure has been announced and will be released on the 27th of October 2017.

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Replay Value

The Good

Stunning Graphics
Inventive Battle System
Wide Range of Tasks
Gripping Storyline

The Bad

Needs More Varied Weapons
Needs More Combination Moves
Needs To Offer Informative Direction
Could Be More Challenging
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