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eSports Varisty 2018 - Imperial vs. UCL

By Nav | 06 Feb 2018
eSports the event where competitors meet to face off against each other. Heated battles between two teams all looking to achieve one goal... Victory.

What comes with victory? Bragging rights. The winning team tactically out plays their opponents showing communicational skills and in game skills to take down their opponent.

The types of games played and associated to eSports range from League of Legends to Overwatch and this was no different at eSports Varsity.

Hosted in London, England, eSports Varsity an eSports event that pitted two university teams against each other. It was like watching mastermind but for gamers as Imperial took on UCL.

The teams battled against each other throughout the day. Such titles as Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and CS GO were fought in the traditional eSports format as a winner was determined.

eSports Varsity allowed visitors of the event to either watch the contest between Imperial and UCL or participate with the games on display. The games on display were Fifa 18, Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo Wii), Virtual Reality Games (HTC Vive), Mario Kart, COD MW 3 and a unique racing simulator.

Apart from the crowds for the eSports section of the event, the audience enjoyed an intense battle between audience members on Super Smash Bros. which in it's own rights stole to show as gamers united in a heated battle.

eSports Varsity was sponsored by Razer, Noble Chairs and Dino PC who had all supplied computers/computer accessories to make the event possible.

A new company Shadow.tech were present at the event showcasing their product, PC gaming via the internet without a gaming PC. Gamers were able to play high end games like The Witcher 3 on tablets. High end PC gaming was made possible by the internet, gamers with Shadow.tech subscription model would not need to purchase a gaming PC to experience the joys of a high end PC game. Shadow.tech mentioned that they would continue to upgrade their services so the demands of high end PC gaming was made possible and users who joined their subscription model could play high end PC games anywhere, on any device as long as they had an active internet connection.

eSports within the UK is becoming very popular and the support of the university gamers mixed in with the gaming community gives eSports Varsity a bright future.

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